Ethiopia asks for permanent return of looted artifacts from Britain

Ethiopia asks for permanent return of looted artifacts from Britain

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Ethiopia has asked Britain for permanent return of manuscripts and artifacts that were looted in the aftermath of a 19th century battle between an Ethiopian King and British royal army.

In a press statement issued on Friday, the Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office (MOFA), quoted Ethiopian Ambassador to UK Hailemichael Abera as saying Ethiopia prefers permanent return of looted manuscripts instead of long term loans from British museums.

Ethiopia filed a formal restitution claim in 2007 asking UK to return hundreds of ancient artifacts and manuscripts taken in 1868 during the capture of Maqdala, the capital of Emperor Tewodros II’s empire.

The capture of Maqdala, after the British royal army defeated Emperor Tewodros II’s army saw the looting of 468 historical artifacts and manuscripts.

IMAGE: An Ethiopian artisan works on a piece of wood artwork to be used on a traditional style tea table at the United Nations Conference Center in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, July 15, 2015. Ethiopia, host of the 3rd Third International Conference on Financing for Development, is showing her colorful history and culture to delegates from around the world. The proud African country boasts of the cradle of mankind, origin of coffee, oldest independent country having never been colonized, home to Christianity, Islam, Judaism and indigenous beliefs, 1st African country with the largest number of UNESCO registered sites.



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